Quote: "I love photographing. It's that simple."
Stuart Franklin joined Magnum Photos in 1985 and became a full Member in 1990.

British, b. 1956

Stuart Franklin was born in Britain in 1956. He studied photography and film at West Surrey College of Art and Design and geography at the University of Oxford (BA and PhD). During the 1980s, he worked as a correspondent for Sygma Agence Presse in Paris before joining Magnum Photos in 1985.

Franklin's coverage of the Sahel famine from 1984 to 1985 won him acclaim, but he is perhaps best known for his celebrated photograph of a man defying a tank in Tiananmen Square, China, in 1989, which won him a World Press Photo Award. Since 1990, Franklin has completed over twenty assignments for National Geographic. His documentary photography has taken him to Central and South America, China, Southeast Asia and Europe. Since 2004 he has focused on long-term projects concerned primarily with man and the environment.

In 1999 he produced The Time of Trees, a photographic essay examining the social relationship between nature and society through the prism of trees. This was followed four years later by The Dynamic City, about the evolution and everyday life of cities. In 2005 he completed H?tel Afrique, an exhibition on Africa's elite hotels (the book of the same title is in progress); the same year, aided by a grant funded by the National Trust, he published Sea Fever, a documentary project about the British coastline. Franklin is currently working on a long-term project on Europe's changing landscape, focusing in particular on the climate and on patterns of transformation.


2002 Ph.D Geography, University of Oxford, Oxford, England
1997 Bachelor of Arts (Geography) University of Oxford, Oxford, UK
1979 Bachelor of Arts (Photography and Film), West Surrey College of Art and Design,
Surrey, UKweden


1997 Gibbs Prize for geography, University of Oxford
1989 World Press Photo Award
1987 Tom Hopkinson Award
1985 Christian Aid Award for Humanitarian Photography


2005 H?tel Afrique - Pitzhanger Gallery, London, UK
2004 The Coast Exposed - National Maritime Museum, London, UK
2000 The Time of Trees - Octagon Gallery, Bath, UK; Trussardi Gallery, Milan, Italy
1993 Tale of Two Cities - Museum of Modern Art, Oxford, UK
1990 London - The Photographers' Gallery, London, UK

2005 Sea Fever, Bardwell Press, UK
2003 The Dynamic City, Mondadori, Italy
2000 The Time of Trees, Leonardo Arte, Italy
1990 Tiananmen Square, A.J. Vine, UK


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