Quote: "The photographer is filled with doubt. Nothing will soothe him."
Raymond Depardon joined Magnum Photos in 1978 and became a full Member in 1979.

French, b. 1942

Raymond Depardon, born in France in 1942, began taking photographs on his family farm in Garet at the age of 12. Apprenticed to a photographer-optician in Villefranche-sur-Sa?ne, he left for Paris in 1958.

He joined the Dalmas agency in Paris in 1960 as a reporter, and in 1966 he co-founded the Gamma agency, reporting from all over the world. From 1974 to 1977, as a photographer and film-maker, he covered the kidnap of a French ethnologist, Fran?ois Claustre, in northern Chad. Alongside his photographic career, he began to make documentary films: 1974, Une Partie de Campagne and San Clemente.

In 1978 Depardon joined Magnum and continued his reportage work until the publication of Notes in 1979 and Correspondance New Yorkaise in 1981. In that same year, Reporters came out and stayed on the programme of a cinema in the Latin Quarter for seven months. In 1984 he took part in the DATAR project on the French countryside.

While still pursuing his film-making career, he received the Grand Prix National de la Photographie in 1991, but his films also won recognition: in 1995 his film Délits Flagrants, on the French justice system, received a César Award for best documentary, and in 1998 he undertook the first in a series of three films devoted to the French rural world. The Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris mounted an important exhibition of his work in 2000. The sequel to his work on French justice was shown as part of the official selection at the Cannes Film Festival in 2004.

As part of an initiative by the Fondation Cartier for contemporary art, Depardon made an installation of films on twelve large cities, shown in Paris, Tokyo and Berlin between 2004 and 2007. In 2006 he was invited to be artistic director of the Rencontres Internationales d'Arles. He is working on a photographic project on French territory which is due to be completed in 2010. He has made eighteen feature-length films and published forty-seven books.


2004 Gold Plaque (for 10e Chambre – Instants d’Audiences),
Chicago International Film Festival, USA
2000 Prix Nadar (best French photo book for Détours), France
2000 Ordre du Merite Agricole, France
1997 Mayor’s Prize (for Muriel Leferle), Yamagata International
Documentary Film Festival, Japan
1996 Grand Prize (for Afriques: Comment ?a Va Avec la Douleur?),
Festival Documenta, München, Germany
1994 Cesar Award (best documentary for Délits Flagrants), France;
Joris Ivens Award (for Délits Fragrants), International Documentary Film Festival,
1991 Grand Prix National de la Photographie, France
1986 César Award (best short film for New York, NY)
1982 César Award (best documentary for Reporters)
1979 George Sadoul Prize (for Numéro Zéro)
1977 Pulitzer Prize
1973 Robert Capa Gold Medal


2006 Raymond Depardon : Un Regard sur l'Alsace, H?tel de région, Strasbourg, France
2005 Le Nord Pas-de-Calais vu par Raymond Depardon - Hospice Comtesse, Lille,
2005 Raymond Depardon: Photographer and Filmmaker - Nederlands Fotomuseum,
Rotterdam, Netherlands; Filmmuseum, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2004 Alpes-Maritimes - Galerie de la Marine, Nice, France
2004 Jeux Olympiques - H?tel de Ville de Paris, Paris, France
2004 7 x 3: Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai, Tokyo, Berlin, Moscow, Addis-Abeba, Cairo
Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain, Paris, France
2002 Errance - Fundación Municipal de Cultura, Vallodolid, Spain
2001 Traversées - Casa de Francia, Mexico City, Mexico
2001 Errance - Alpa Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland
2000 Errance/Détours - Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris, France
2000 La Solitude Heureuse du Voyageur - Institut Fran?ais, Budapest,
1999 Voyages - Galerie FNAC Montparnasse, Paris, France
1999 éthiopie - Forum Culturel, Le Blanc-Mesnil, France
1999 Silence Rompu - Galerie Fait et Cause, Paris, France
1998 La Solitude Heureuse du Voyageur - Centre de la Vieille-Charité, Marseille,
France ; Centre pour l’ Image Contemporaine, Geneva, Switzerland
1997/98 En Afrique - Festival Musique Métis, Angoulème, France; Journées Africaines
et Créoles, Montreal, Canada;Cinémathèque de Grenoble, Grenoble, France
1996/00 Traversée - Théatre de la Passerelle, Gap, France; Aubenades de la Photographie,
Aubenas, France; Andersen Consulting, Paris, France; Centrum
Manggha, Krakow, Poland
1995 En Afrique - Galerie du Chateau d’Eau, Toulouse, France
1993 Depardon Cinéma - Galeries Photo FNAC, various cities, France
1992 Chronichler of Emptiness - Perspektief Center for Photography, Rotterdam,
1992 Sites et Jeux - Espace Malraux, Maison de la Culture, Chambéry, France
1990 17 Jours Dans les Pays de l’Est - Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie
d’Arles, France
1986 Correspondance New-Yorkaise/San Clemente (selected photographs), Burden
Gallery, Aperture Foundation, New York, USA
1986 La Ferme du Garet, Mission Datar - Centre d’ Arts Plastiques, Villefranche, France
1985 San Clemente - internationally travelling exhibition from 1985 onwards
1983 Le Désert Américain - Galeries Photo FNAC, various cities, France
1981 Correspondance New-Yorkaise - Galeries Photo FNAC, various cities, France


2006 Depardon-New York (with Alain Bergala), éditions du Seuil, France
2006 La Solitude Heureuse du Voyageur précédé de Notes, éditions Points,
2006 Photographies de Personnalités Politiques (with Jean Lacouture), Editions du Seuil,
2005 Raymond Depardon: Fotograaf en Filmer/Photographer and Filmmaker, Nederlands
Fotomuseum/Nederlands Filmmuseum, Netherlands
2005 Afriques, Hazan Editions, France
2004 7x3, Actes Sud/Fondation Cartier pour l’Art Contemporain, France
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2002 Visa V, Littoral/Piétinements, Parcours, La Pointe du Raz, éditions Filigranes, France
2000 à Tombeau Ouvert (with Josée Landrieu), Autrement, France
2000 Rêves de Désert (with Titouan Lamazou), Gallimard/Fondation Cartier pour l’Art
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1973 Chili: Special Reporter-Objectif, Gamma, France
1968 Jeux Olympiques de Mexico (with Yves Nouchi), Solar, France
1961 SOS Sahara, Flammarion, France

Films (Shorts)

2005 Quoi de Neuf au Garet? (35mm, color, 10')
2004 7x3 (35mm, color, installation of seven films of 5' each)
2002 Chasseurs et Chamans (35mm, color, 32')
2000 Déserts (35mm, b&w, 10')
1997 Bolivia (35mm, color, 5')
1997 Amours (35mm, b&w, 10')
1996 Malraux (35mm, color, 5')
1995 Montage (part of Délits flagrants) (35mm, b&w, 8')
1995 Parole d’Appelés (35mm, b&w, 30')
1994 La Prom' (à propos de Nice, la Suite) (35mm, color, 12')
1992 Carthagena (Contre l’Oubli) (35mm, color, 13')
1993 Face à La Mer (35mm, color, 3 ?')
1990 Contacts (35mm, b&w, 13')
1990 Une Histoire Très Simple (35mm, b&w, 4')
1987 Le Petit Navire (35mm, b&w, 6')
1986 New York, NY (35mm, b&w, 10')
1982 Piparsod (16mm, color, 26')
1980 10 Minutes de Silence pour John Lennon (16mm, color, 10')
1976/77 Tibesti Too (35mm, b&w, 40')
1975/76 Tchad 2 et Tchad 3 (16mm, colour, 40')
1973 Yémen Arabia Félix (16mm, color, 19')
1970 Tchad 1, l’Embuscade (16mm, color, 12')
1969 Ian Palach (16mm, color, 12')


2005 Profils Paysans: Le Quotidien (35mm, color, 90')
2004 10e Chambre – Instants d’Audiences (35mm, color, 105')
2003 Un Homme sans l’Occident (35mm, black-and-white, 105')
2000 Profils Paysans: l’Approche (35mm, color, 90')
1998 Paris (35mm, b&w, 95')
1996 Muriel Leferle (35mm, color, 70')
1996 Afriques: Comment ?a Va Avec la Douleur? (35mm, color, 165')
1994 Délits Flagrants (35mm, color, 95')
1990 La Captive du Désert (35mm, color, 90')
1987 Urgences (35mm, color, 104')
1984/85 Empty Quarter (Une Femme en Afrique) (35mm, color, 90')
1984 Les Années Déclic (35mm, b&w, 68')
1983 Faits Divers (35mm, color, 108')
1982 San Clemente (16mm, b&w, 90')
1981 Reporters (35mm, color, 90')
1977 Numéro Zéro (16mm, color, 90')
1974 1974 - Une partie de campagne (35mm, color, 90'), released in 2002


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摄影作品 2

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