Quote: "Now that everyone in the developed world seems to own some form of camera, a different space has opened for documentary photographers. It's a space free from specific events, where there are different expectations, where it is first and foremost about ideas. Now we can all take pictures, with varying degrees of consistency, more than ever before it's about what we do with photography."

Mark Power joined Magnum Photos in 2002 and became a Member in 2007.

Mark Power
British, b. 1959

As a child Mark Power discovered his father's home-made enlarger in the family attic, a contraption consisting of an upturned flowerpot, a domestic light bulb and a simple camera lens. His interest in photography probably began at this pivotal moment, although he later chose to study painting and drawing instead. He 'became a photographer' (somewhat accidentally) in 1983, and worked in the editorial and charity markets for nearly ten years, before he began teaching in 1992. This move coincided with a shift towards long-term, self-initiated projects, which now sit comfortably alongside a number of large-scale commissions in the industrial sector.

Power's work has been seen in numerous solo and group exhibitions across the world and he has published four books: The Shipping Forecast (1996), Superstructure (2000), The Treasury Project (2002) and 26 Different Endings (2007). He is Professor of Photography at the University of Brighton.

Mark Power joined Magnum Photos in 2002.


2001 Terence Donovan Award for British Photography
1997 Leica Oskar Barnack Award (Special Jury Prize)
1996 Mosaique European Photography Award
1995 Yann Geffroy International Documentary Prize, Grazia Neri Photo Agency
1986 The Photographers' Gallery Award, London, UK


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