Quote: "It's a lot of work living the life that you want to live, but that's what I'm doing."
David Alan Harvey joined Magnum Photos in 1993 and became a full Member in 1997.

David Alan Harvey
American, b. 1944

Born in San Francisco, David Alan Harvey was raised in Virginia. He discovered photography at the age of 11. Harvey purchased a used Leica with savings from his newspaper route and began photographing his family and neighborhood in 1956.

When he was 20 he lived with and documented the lives of a black family living in Norfolk, Virginia, and the resulting book, Tell It Like It Is, was published in 1966. He was named Magazine Photographer of the Year by the National Press Photographers Association in 1978.

Harvey went on to shoot over forty essays for National Geographic magazine. He has covered stories around the world, including projects on French teenagers, the Berlin Wall, Maya culture, Vietnam, Native Americans, Mexico and Naples, and a recent feature on Nairobi. He has published two major books, Cuba and Divided Soul, based on his extensive work on the Spanish cultural migration into the Americas, and his book Living Proof (2007) deals with hip-hop culture. His work has been exhibited at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, the Nikon Gallery, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Workshops and seminars are an important part of his life, and Harvey currently writes a very popular online magazine-blog for emerging photographers.

Harvey joined Magnum as a nominee in 1993 and became a full member in 1997. He lives in New York City.


1969 M.A., Journalism, University of Missouri


2005 Photographer of the Year, PMDA (PhotoImaging Manufacturers and Distributors
1978 Magazine Photographer of the Year, National Press Photographer’s Association


2005 Divided Soul – David Alan Harvey - Arts Center, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA
2003 A Journey From Iberia - Leica Gallery, New York, USA
2001 David Alan Harvey - NASCAR: A Driving Culture - Abingdon, Virginia, USA


2003 Divided Soul, Phaidon Press, UK, USA
1999 Cuba, National Geographic Society, USA
1981 America’s Atlantic Isles, National Geographic Society, USA
1981 Virginia, Graphic Arts Center, USA
1977 The Mysterious Maya, National Geographic Society, USA


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