Quote: "It's not how a photographer looks at the world that is important. It's their intimate relationship with it."

Antoine D'Agata joined Magnum Photos as a Nominee in 2004 and became an Associate in 2006.

French, b. 1961

Born in Marseilles, Antoine d'Agata left France in 1983 and remained overseas for the next ten years. Finding himself in New York in 1990, he pursued an interest in photography by taking courses at the International Center of Photography, where his teachers included Larry Clark and Nan Goldin.

During his time in New York , in 1991-92, D'Agata worked as an intern in the editorial department of Magnum, but despite his experiences and training in the US, after his return to France in 1993 he took a four-year break from photography. His first books of photographs, De Mala Muerte and Mala Noche, were published in 1998, and the following year Galerie Vu began distributing his work. In 2001 he published Hometown, and won the Niépce Prize for young photographers. He continued to publish regularly: Vortex and Insomnia appeared in 2003, accompanying his exhibition 1001 Nuits, which opened in Paris in September; Stigma was published in 2004, and Manifeste in 2005.

In 2004 D'Agata joined Magnum Photos and in the same year, shot his first short film, Le Ventre du Monde (The World's Belly); this experiment led to his long feature film Aka Ana, shot in 2006 in Tokyo.

Since 2005 Antoine d'Agata has had no settled place of residence but has worked around the world.


2004 The Higashikawa Overseas Prize, Japan
2001 Prix Niepce, France
1999 Forscher Fellowship Award, New York, USA
1999 Bourse Villa Médicis, Hors les murs, France
1994 First Prize, Festival des Jeunes Créateurs, Paris, France


2006 Vortex - Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Tokyo, Japan
2004 1001 Nuits - FOAM, Amsterdam, Netherlands; Forum für Zeitgen?ssische
Fotografie, K?ln, Germany
2004 Divinus Deus - Galerie Vu, Paris, France; Rencontres Internationales
de la Photographie, Arles, France
2004 Insomnia, Home Town, Mala Noche - Maison de la Photographie, Toulon, France
2003 Scénographies Urbaines - New Bell, Douala, Cameroon
2003 La Frontera - the Border - Picto, Paris, France
2003 Fragment - Galeries FNAC, Paris, France; Madrid, Spain
2002 Face to Face - Psychogéographie, ?.?. - Landesmuseum, Linz, Austria; Fotohof
Gallery, Salzburg, Austria
2002 L'imaginaire National - CRCO, Chapelle de l'Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Cherbourg,
2002 Ulysses'nin G?zleri - IFSAK, Fotograf Günleri, Istanbul, Turkey
2002 Troubles - Les Ateliers de l'Image, St Rémy de Provence, France
2002 Memorias da Cidade - Encontros de Imagen, Braga, Portugal
2001 Prix Niepce - Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris, France
2001 Border Stories - IXe Biennale Internazionale di Fotografia, Torino, Italy
2001 Photographies 1991-2001 - Centre Atlantique de la Photographie, Brest,
2001 Itinéraires Imaginaires - Palais de la Culture, Bamako, Mali
2001 4+1 (Little song) - CCNRB, Rennes, France
2000 Untitled - Galerie Vu, Paris, France
2000 Positions, Attitudes, Actions - Biennale de Rotterdam, Netherlands
1999/00 Mala Noche - Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, Spain;
Encontros da Imagem, Braga, Portugal
1999 Photographies - Centre Culturel Fran?ais de Gaza, Israel
1999 Méditerranides - Centre Culturel Fran?ais de Palermo, Italy
1998 105 Portraits - Automne Méditerranéen, Ivry, France
1998 Mala Noche - galeries FNAC, Nantes, Marseille, France
1998 Photographies - Institut Fran?ais, Barcelona, Spain
1998 De Mala Muerte - La Comédie du Regard, Montpellier, France; A La Librairie, Paris,
1998 Passage - Kunsthaus, Hamburg, Germany
1997 Bernard Plossu + Antoine D’Agata, Les Pluriels Mexicains - Festival des Trois Continents, DRAC,
Nantes, France
1997 Autopsie d’un Voyage Ordinaire - Galerie Là-bas, Marseille, France
1995 Chiapas, Année Zéro - Galerie Au Fil du Temps, Arles, France
1995 Photographies - Festival des Jeunes Créateurs, Le Divan du Monde, Paris, France

2005 Manifeste - Le Point du Jour Editeur, France
2005 Psychogéographie - Le Point du Jour Editeur, France
2004 La Ville sans Nom, Le Point du Jour Editeur, France
2004 Stigma, Images en Manoeuvre, France
2003 Insomnia, Images en Manoeuvre, France
2003 Vortex, éditions Atlantica, France
2001 Hometown, Le Point du Jour Editeur, France
2001 Antoine d'Agata, Centro de Estudios Fotograficos, Spain
1998 Mala Noche, En Vue, France
1998 De Mala Muerte, Le Point du Jour Editeur, France

2004 Le Ventre du Monde (12')


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